For sale, 2 flats in Benidorm
Flat for sale in Benidorm

For Sale - 2 holiday flats in Benidorm, Spain. SOLD

Looking for a holiday home but want something different?

Hello, my name is John Curtin and I have two holiday flats for sale in Benidorm, Spain. These flats are my personal property, (my mother lived in one and I used the other one for holidays) in fact the one in Archanda has been my holiday home since I was seven!


Location: Both flats are in the quiet, residential area known as "playa poniente" in Benidorm. Most people think of Benidorm as a noisy tourist trap and although that might be true of the centre, this part of Benidorm has been traditionally the holiday destination for Spanish and French families looking for "sun and sand" and not rowdy night clubs. In fact there are NO nightclubs in this part of the beach.

Also, both flats are less than a hundred yards from the beach and Los Naranjos has stunning views of the bay (See Photos and videos).

However, if you do want to go into town, it´s only about a 20 minute walk, or less than 10 minutes on the regular bus (every 30 minutes).

The Beach: Benidorm has some of the best beaches in Spain and this part of Benidorm has the best beaches! Cristal clear waters, warm most of the year (my mother, who retired there, used to bathe every day of the year) golden sand and lots of it. The beaches never get too crowded, even in August, and there´s room for everyone so you´re not fighting for a patch to pitch your umbrella as in so many Spanish beaches.

Beach in Benidorm

Amenities: Playa Poniente, or "La Cala" as its known by the locals ("the cove" in English) has quite a few good restaurants, lots of cafeterias and bars, and a couple of supermarkets. The main Hipermarkets and shopping centres are about a 5 minute drive (10 minutes by bus). Most Spanish families that holiday here rarely go out of La Cala except for maybe a weekly trip to the shopping centres or to enjoy the night life in town.

Construction: Both flats were built in the sixties and seventies and have stood the test of time, (by Spanish standards). The modern construction boom in the last 10 years has meant a large number of buildings going up, but many locals hesitate to recommend them because speculation has led to low quality building material and hasty finishings in many of the new buildings.

For sale apartment in BenidormMy Help: My purpose in building this site and offering the flats for sale directly (as opposed to through an agency) is that you can count on my help after buying them. I can help you decorate them, as after 45 years holidaying there almost every year I know the locals and can get good deals on decorating and building without being ripped off.

I can also tell you the best place to buy furniture, kitchen appliances, bedding etc.

Price: The flats are well priced at market value but take into account that this part of Benidorm is a premium site in terms of demand. If you look around, you won´t see many "For Sale" signs as owners keep their flats for generations and they´re very much in demand because of their location and quality of construction (see above). So the main advantage in buying one of my flats is that you´re paying a fair price and you´ve have my help during the buying process (you can do it through a UK estate agent or through my lawyers in Spain).

To sum up, I love "La Cala" and have wonderful childhood memories of holidaying there. I´m selling the flats because with my new job, I just don´t have the time to go there as often as I used to and nowadays, my job involves travelling alot to South America, so I take advantage of the trips to include my holiday time too!

I´m sure you´ll love Benidorm as much as I have, wether you´re looking for a holiday place or a retirement home.

John Curtin.